Handling Criticism 

Has it happened to you? Someone told you what you did could’ve been better? It wasn’t ________ enough?  Or you weren’t ________ enough? Did you feel a small sting? The American Idol losers know what I’m talking about. 

Ever notice that Simon is the nastiest judge yet he doesn’t sing? Have you noticed a parallel reality among the critics in your life? They judge very brutally, but they can’t, or don’t do what you do? Does that really make sense? 

Criticism usually comes from people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who know will applaud your efforts, and provide tips for improvement. Not cut you down with invalidating remarks. When we listen to critics, we lose our uniqueness, our creativity, our inspiration. 

When we listen to them long enough, we lose our life. 

Don’t listen… Create more. 

Create more… Don’t listen. 

A suppressive person is weak. No matter how loud they are. 


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